Upcoming Events & Reminders
Walking Park
-Please refrain from riding bicycles, skateboard, and roller skates/roller blades in the Walking Park.  Please remember that the park closes at sunset and it is considered trespassing if found in the park after sunset

Dogs Barking
-Please be mindful if you own dogs that bark constantly, especially at night, as they can cause consternation with your neighbors.  Please do your best to keep their barking often or for long periods to a minimum.

Architectural Review Board (ARB) common citation issues
-The ARB wants you to avoid a fine by addressing these common issues:  Street parking overnight;  please refrain from leaving your vehicle parked on the curb or street overnight as this will result in a fine.  Leaving trash cans where they are visible;  please remember to collect your receptacles and keep them out of view.  Trailers and boats visible;  please remember that parking your trailer or boat where it is visible is a violation.  Remembering to address these common issues will help you avoid fines and most importantly keep the neighborhood looking clean and tidy.
-Cars traveling through the neighborhood at high speed is a risk to pedestrians and other motorists.  Please remember to watch your speed as we have a lot of children playing and golf cart traffic too.
Golf Carts
-If you operate your golf cart at night please be sure to have some form of headlights, tail lights, or at least reflective accessories to make your cart visible to motorists.
Pavement Resurfacing
-After speaking with the county DOT, we were told the neighborhood is not yet eligible for resurfacing based on a grading system by the county.  They will continue to check each year and we will keep you up to date on any changes.  In the meantime, if you see any potholes or road hazards, please report them to the HOA board and the county DOT.

Annual Home Owners Dues
-While 93% of our home owners have paid their dues.  We still have over 20 residents who have not paid their dues.  This is a reminder that residents who haven't paid are NOT eligible for community functions, such as the Easter Egg hunt.  This also includes the pool!  Key cards to the pool will have to be reactivated when dues are paid and there is a $50 fee to reactivate pool key cards, in addition to the late fees.  Please note that it may take up to 72 hours to have pool key cards reactivated.



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