Letter from the President
Letter from the TPC HOA President                                                        August 25, 2017
The HOA Board met on Wednesday, August 23.  All standing committee reports were presented.

Discussions proceeded on updates of the pool house restoration and a review of the golf course proposal.   Additional information will follow in a separate email concerning these matters.

We prepared email presentations for the new board nominations and it was agreed that Gary Mastrodonato would spearhead the nominations and presentations.

Steve Smith, Bill Peel, Jerry Bowen, Zack Adams, Steve Brannon, and Gary trimmed overhanging branches throughout the community this  will help with issues regarding trees that are overhanging sidewalks. The Board is truly grateful for their voluntary contribution to this concern.

An agreement was made that The Providence Club Social would be postponed to a September 16th date due to incompletion of the pool house restoration.

The 2017 Fall Providence Club Garage Sale will be held on October 6th and 7th.

It was also decided that we would like to reach out to our social and event committees to prepare for the upcoming holidays.  We are going to solicit a committee for Christmas decorations for the Providence Club entrances.  We would suggest a committee of four people.  We will also present them with a budget for the purchase of new decorations. Please email Steve Smith9010@comcast.net if you would like to participle

Again, on reporting issues, we realize that Facebook is a fast and easy way to communicate, but we would like to remind residents that it is not an effective way to report or have issues handled in the neighborhood as neither management nor committee members monitor Facebook for issues.  If you notice something that needs attention in the neighborhood, please email our website for appropriate answers and possible solutions.

Thank you for your support
Nick Santopietro, HOA President



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