Proposed Amendment to The Providence Club Community Association
As you probably know by now, the Board of The Providence Club Association is proposing an amendment to our by-laws to change the election of the Board members.  We conducted an online survey previously, we are now asking for you to vote on the amendment.  One vote per household.

If you have already completed a Ballot for the Proposed Amendment to The Providence Club Community Association, thank you for voting.  You do not need to to take any action. If you are unsure if you have completed a ballot, please respond and we will verify your response.  There will be no chance for duplication of your vote.  For residents who have not completed a ballot, please cast your vote.  We need 67% of our residents to approve the amendment to make the change.

Currently the election of all board members is conducted every two years for two year terms.  The proposed change would require yearly elections with only 2 or 3 board members being elected each year.

After the first election (conducted in the fall of 2017) the term for all board members would be for 2 years.  In 2017 the election would be for 5 board member with two slates of candidates.  One slate for 2 members would be for a term of one year and one slate for 3 members for a two year term.  In 2018 the election would be for the 2 members elected for a one year term.  Many associations have gone a staggered election.

If you have questions, please contact:
Bob Kutchback


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