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Disclaimer: Neither the site administrator nor The Providence Club Community Association Board of Directors makes any claim as to the validity of any information listed in any ad and will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of any ad. Use this site at your own risk. The site administrator must approve of any ad listed. Approval of an ad is at the sole discretion of the site administrator. Ads deemed inappropriate, for any reason, will not be listed. Approval of an ad does not constitute an endorsement by either the site administrator or The Providence Club Community Association Board of Directors. Approval of an ad placed by a resident does not constitute an approval by The Providence Club Community Association of any home based activity which is subject to regulation under our governing documents.

Click the "Commercial Ads," "Homes for Sale," or "Resident Services" option in the drop down menu to view advertisments.
  • To reach 311 TPC Residents (free of charge) sign up for Resident Services.
  • To reach World Residents ($120.00 annually) sign up for Commercial Ads.
  • The listing of classifieds on this page is for the benefit of residents of The Providence Club. Anyone (both residents and non residents) interested in any of the classifieds should contact the listing agent in regards to that item.
  • There is no charge for either Resident Services or TPC homes for Sale by Owner or Relator. If either a Resident or Realtor would like to have their logo advertised or link to their web site included that would constitute a Commercial Ad and be subject to the Commercial Ad fee of $120.00 annually (which equals $10.00 per month paid in advance).
  • To request an ad, click the "submit" button on any of the pages (Commercial Ads, Homes for Sale, or Resident Services), fill out the ad form, and click save at the bottom of the form. The ad request is then sent to the site admin. The ad will not appear until it has been reviewed and accepted.
  • All ads listed in this section will be viewable on the internet. This means that you should not place any information in your ad that you would not want the general public to view. If you want to provide an e-mail address but do not want to expose your regular address to the general public, consider opening a free account from Yahoo, Hotmail, or other free service and use that address exclusively for classifieds.


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